Suburban Mosaic

Suburban Mosaic Book of the Year Current Selections

The Suburban Mosaic Book of the Year Program seeks to confront issues of racial and social justice and promote cross-cultural understanding through literature.

Because Amelia Smiled

By David Ezra Stein

Grades K - 3 Title

This beautifully told and illustrated story shows the effects of a smile on everyone and everything.

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Rain Reign

By Ann M. Martin

Grades 4 - 5 Title

Rose Howard loves words that sound the same (like her name Rose and rows), rules, prime numbers and her dog. When a storm hits her rural town and the dog is loose, Rose's story unfolds into a powerful tale.

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Gracefully Grayson

By Ami Polonsky

Middle School Title

6th grader Grayson was born male but feels “he” was meant to be a girl. When Grayson wins the lead female role in the play and makes friends who accept her, she begins to embrace who she really is.

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Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future

By A.S. King

High School Title

The Printz Honor author tells the story of a girl coping with devastating loss. Glory O’Brien has no idea the future needs her, and that the present needs her more.

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The Book of Unknown Americans

By Cristina Henríquez

Adult Title

The Riveras emigrate from Mexico to Delaware so that their beautiful but brain-damaged daughter, Maribel, can attend a special school. They are met with numerous obstacles, including a smitten teenager, loss of employment, and worse. Along with the Riveras, the book features other immigrants who give up everything to pursue their American dream.

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