Suburban Mosaic

The Running Dream

by Wendelin Van Draanen

Middle School

Discussion Questions
The Running Dream

  1. In what ways has Jessica’s life changed as a result of the accident?
  2. Besides her rehabilitation for her leg, what other challenges must Jessica overcome?
  3. Why was Jessica’s injury so devastating for her?
  4. How did her family show her their support?
  5. How did her friends and teammates show her their support?
  6. What inspired Jessica to think about running the River Run?
  7. How do people (specifically her teammates) treat Jessica when she returns to school? How would you have treated her?
  8. Why do Jessica and Rosa become such good friends?
  9. What kind of influence does Rosa have on Jessica?
  10. How did Jessica show her appreciation for Rosa and how did this affect everyone around the two girls?