Suburban Mosaic

The Year of the Book

By Andrea Cheng

Grades 2 – 4 Title

Discussion Questions The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng

  1. Anna shows perseverance when she makes the drawstring lunch bag.  When did you need to persevere to accomplish something in your life?
  2. Anna read many books throughout the year.  Each book impacted her life in some way.  What book has made a difference in your life?
  3. Anna participates in celebrating Halloween in America.  The Chinese do not celebrate Halloween.   What holiday/s do you celebrate from your culture/s?
  4. When Raymond, the crossing guard, is recuperating at home, Anna and Laura want to help him.  How have you helped someone in need?
  5. Anna is learning about the zodiac and how to write Chinese characters.  What is something that you have learned about another culture?