Suburban Mosaic

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What is the Suburban Mosaic Book of the Year?

Suburban communities in northern Illinois, home for many of us, continue to grow in diversity – with many people from many races and ethnic backgrounds. Our communities reflect a “mosaic” – a work of art patterned from distinct pieces – but together making something beautiful. We realize, however, that racism, religious bigotry and ethnic hostilities are still present in our communities. Now in its tenth year, the Suburban Mosaic Book of the Year is a program that wants to confront issues – issues of racial and social justice. We believe that education and communication can break down barriers between people.

When will the program start?

You can begin reading the books at any time. The program officially begins in June 2015. The discussion groups are scheduled to begin in the fall of 2015 and continue through the winter.

How can I participate?

All of the libraries listed in this website will present book discussions and make copies of the book available.

Your own book club might be willing to read and discuss one of these books. Or you can start a group. The children’s books will be read and discussed in some of the school districts listed. You can also ask your school to join the program. Finally, you can just read them on your own.

Where can I find the books?

Each participating library will have multiple copies. Books are available at area bookstores.