Suburban Mosaic

A Long Walk to Water

By Linda Sue Park

Middle School Title

Discussion Questions
A Long Walk to Water

  1. It’s hard for us to imagine how Salva feels as he faces the dangers of his journey. What do you think was the most difficult part for him?
  2. Trace Salva’s journey on a map. How many miles do you think Salva walked in all?
  3. What saved Salva after the death of his friend Marial?
  4. Research the Lost Boys of Sudan. Unfortunately, history does repeat itself. Is there anything in the history of the world to compare this unfortunate tragedy to?
  5. How did building the boats to cross the Nile help Salva emotionally?
  6. Can you imagine spending 8 hours a day doing chores for your family? What do you think about Nya’s life?
  7. How did her life compare to Salva’s before his village was attacked by the soldiers? How did it compare after he was forced to flee from his village?
  8. Why do you think the author has named the book A Long Walk to Water?
  9. How do you think Salva felt when he first came to the US to live? What would some of the challenges be if you went to live in Africa?
  10. Have you ever thought about helping others as Salva did? What do you think is an important project you could help with some day?

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