Suburban Mosaic

American Born Chinese

By Gene Luen Yang
Middle School
Discussion QuestionsAmerican born Chinese
  1. Have you read graphic novels or comic books before? How did American Born Chinese compare? Do you think that the story worked best as a graphic novel?
  2. One of the main themes of the book was “transformation.” (Danny even plays with Transformers.) How did the characters transform? Do you transform yourself to fit in at your school?
  3. Did you find the story of Chin-Kee funny? Do you find that you often laugh that situations that may be painful for others? Why is laughter a way to deal with painful subjects?
  4. Did you find the three storylines confusing? Did this type of storytelling work, in your opinion?
  5. The number 4 is seen as a cursed number in Chinese culture. Can you think of examples in which the number 4 turned up in the story of the Monkey King?