Suburban Mosaic

Listen to the Wind

By Greg Mortenson

Grades K – 3 Title

This remarkable story about Greg Mortenson’s first building project in Pakistan is told through colorful collages and simple text. A scrapbook follows the story, displaying photographs of the events, the village’s inhabitants, and key players who helped ensure the success of the project.

Discussion Questions
listen to the wind

  1. Before the Korphe School was built, where did the children have their lessons? What did they use for pencils and paper?
  2. Why did Dr. Greg come to Korphe?
  3. What happened to him there?
    How did Dr. Greg feel about the citizens of Korphe after his stay?
  4. When Dr. Greg ask Haji Ali, the village’s wisest man, what he could do for Korphe, what did Ali say?  What did Dr. Greg learn when he followed Ali’s advice?
  5. What problem did Dr. Greg encounter when he tried to bring supplies to build the school at Korphe?  What happened next?
  6. Who helped build the Korphe School?
  7. How does the village feel about the school now that it is done?
  8. What can you do to help children in villages like Korphe?

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