Suburban Mosaic

Those Shoes

By Maribeth Boelts


Discussion Questions
Those Shoes

  1. Why did Jeremy want “those shoes”?
  2. Can shoes make you run faster or be more popular?
  3. What did Grandma mean when she said:  “There’s no room for ‘want’ around here – just  ‘need.’”
  4. Grandma said that winter boots are more important than shoes.  Do you agree?
  5. When Jeremy’s shoe came apart, why didn’t his Grandma buy him a new pair?
  6. How did Jeremy feel when he had to wear little kid shoes?  Would you laugh if a classmate came to school wearing funny shoes?
  7. Have you ever had a parent tell you that you cannot buy what you want because it is too expensive?  What did you do?
  8. Why did Grandma say “no” when Jeremy found “those shoes” in the thrift shop?  Was it a good choice to spend his money to buy the shoes after his Grandmother said no?
  9. Jeremy didn’t want to give the shoes to Antonio.  Why?
  10. Why do you think he changed his mind?
  11. Would the story end differently if Jeremy’s grandmother bought him those shoes instead of the new boots?  Explain your answer.
  12. Do you think Grandma was right about “need” being more important than “want”?

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